Compare your fleet to your peers with Benchmarking

See how you stack up against other fleets and the industry norms. Our benchmarking tool is built on more than a decade of research. Sharing performance data across fleets helps improve everyone’s performance. Often, fleets resort to guessing whether or not they’re meeting the mark. Utilimarc’s research-based Benchmarking platform answers important performance questions. The feature is easy to use and quickly shows how fleets are performing against their peers in key areas.


Utilimarc’s Benchmarking platform shows fleets where their performance compares to their peers’ in critical areas, including vehicle utilization, mechanic productivity, and fleet mix makeup.


In one click, fleet managers can see whether or not their fleet meets the industry norms. No more guess work – Benchmarking immediately reveals whether or not a fleet is hitting the mark.

We not only show you where you stand in the industry, we show you how actions today can affect your finances and operations down the line.

We give you the full picture, answering questions including optimal maintenance cost per mile, vehicle lifespan, and driver safety.

Each Benchmarking table highlights how you compare to your peers and breaks down your performance into discrete, measurable quantities.

We developed our Benchmarking platform over 15 years of working with Fortune 500 companies, getting a thorough understanding of how to make data easily understandable and useful for a fleet. We standardize data from any fleet management platform and integrate with a wide range of sources to give you insight you didn’t know you were missing.

Rank every piece of your business based on what your peers are doing and build a better functioning fleet.