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How Universities Build and Maintain Fleets

While most people do not think of vehicles when they think of the university campus, the reality is that the modern university has quite an extensive fleet of vehicles. Building and maintaining that fleet often requires the help of a full-time fleet management professional. Here are some factors that the university fleet manager must consider as they make the best possible use of the vehicles in their care.

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Leveraging Technology to Manage Complex Fleets

For companies that have complicated fleets and complex routes, technology is the best resource to use to keep tabs on those vehicles and ensure that they are being used as efficiently as possible. Whether a fleet is complex because it has a wide variety of vehicles or because of its size, technology can allow fleet professionals to manage their fleets well. Here are some best practices for implementing technology into the fleet effectively.

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Fleet Networking- Why, Where and Who You Should Be Networking

Working in the fleet industry can feel slightly isolating. Your work is vital to the success of the company you work for, yet few in the “business world” truly understand the demands, pressures and concerns of a fleet manager. That is why networking can be so invaluable. Not only does networking give you the chance to talk to others who understand what it is you do and the challenges you face, but it also allows you to glean insight into changes and tactics that others are using to effectively run their fleets. Here are some ways that leaders in the fleet industry can network to make themselves more effective and better connected.

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