Vehicle replacement, solved.

The vehicle replacement module automatically solves the complex problem of
when to replace your vehicles. It provides a detailed roadmap on how to reduce cost
and improve performance while giving you the tools to see into the future.

Automatically generate a replacement strategy unique to your fleet’s historic purchasing trends, usage patterns, operating costs and much more.


  • Automatically determines vehicle replacement
  • Analysis specific to your fleet operation
  • Run at any organizational level
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This interactive module allows you to customize your replacement to fit your unique business needs. Adjust when and how many vehicles you replace and view the consequences of different replacement strategies.


  • Make adjustments based on unique needs
  • Predict the effects of your decisions
  • Save and compare multiple scenarios
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This vehicle replacement module automatically identifies vehicles that are ready for replacement and, with one click, provides all the information you need to make a decision.


  • Vehicles automatically identified
  • Provides detailed supporting information
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