Join the next generation of fleet management.

Integrate your telematics, fleet management and operational data to truly understand
your vehicle, driver and fleet performance. This integrated solution allows you
to, for the first time, actively manage your fleet and have all your data sources in one robust platform.

More data means more understanding. Utilimarc’s telematics solution unlocks the power of telematics data. Our platform works with your existing telematics devices or with our exclusive partner RVA, to provide a complete suite of reliable telematics information. 

  • Driver Behavior
  • Drive Safety
  • Idle Time
  • Fuel Management
  • Vehicle Information
  • Asset Utilization
  • GPS Location
  • And much more…
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With our industry expertise and experience working with fleet and operational data, we are able to create telematics reports that make sense. We specialize in taking the complex data generated by telematics systems and creating analytics and reports that are easy to understand and act on.

  • Dashboards
  • Custom KPI Reporting
  • Alerts
  • Accessible by Web, email, and SMS
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Integrate with everything else. Combine your employee information, work schedules, route planning, telematics, ERP, fleet management, fuel, work order, mobile workforce and everything else to develop a holistic understanding of the relationship between your fleet and your business.

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