Answer the question:
what are other fleets doing?

The Utilimarc benchmark module allows you to discover industry best practices, measure the effectiveness of your fleet decisions and provides the analysis you need to improve or defend your current practices.

Utilimarc makes data integration easy by working with all major fleet information systems and gives users the option to provide the data in multiple formats. Or, we’ll go get it for you.

  • Works with existing fleet system
  • Data can be provided in multiple formats
  • We’ll get the data for you
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Compare your data the way you need to see it. Flexible reporting allows you to easily design your own benchmark. 

  • Compare by fleet size, geography, service territory
  • Compare by vehicle class or work practice
  • Compare by maintenance practices
  • Define your own comparison group
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Our rigorous fleet benchmarking methodology and process transparency provides reports and comparisons you can understand and trust. 

  • Clean data, accurate reports
  • Industry trusted methodology
  • Your own personal analyst
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