Does it pay to be a utility technician?

Utilimarc was curious about how technician wages compared across the utility industry. So, we looked at 52 of our utility benchmark clients to determine the average straight technician wage and billed hours in the utility industry to find out. Here are our results.


Utility Technician Wage Distribution for 2016

When it came to straight wage, Utilimarc found quite a range of hourly utility technician wages — from less than $25/hour to greater than $52.50/hour. In all, approximately 41% fell within the $35–$40/hour range, with 22% of utility technicians falling within the $35–$37.50/hour range. So, how does this wage compare to billed hours per utility technician? Let’s find out.


Billed Hours per Utility Technician

From a consistency standpoint, utility technicians are spot-on. Looking at the years of 2014 to 2016, average billed hours utility technicians spent working directly on units only fluctuated by a few hours per year, averaging around 1400 hours every year. 2016 proved to be a technician’s busiest year with 1429 hours work that year.


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