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Fleet Networking- Why, Where and Who You Should Be Networking

Working in the fleet industry can feel slightly isolating. Your work is vital to the success of the company you work for, yet few in the “business world” truly understand the demands, pressures and concerns of a fleet manager. That is why networking can be so invaluable. Not only does networking give you the chance to talk to others who understand what it is you do and the challenges you face, but it also allows you to glean insight into changes and tactics that others are using to effectively run their fleets. Here are some ways that leaders in the fleet industry can network to make themselves more effective and better connected.

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Fleet Benchmarking Study: Ford Transit Connect

The graphs below are derived from the data of 60 of our utility and municipal fleet benchmarking clients and their active Ford Transit Connect units. The sample included nearly 1,300 Transit Connects compared to nearly 11,000 other active mini cargo vans, including the Chevy Astro, Dodge Caravan and Toyota Sienna. The data being used represents the patterns we have seen from the industry average of the selected sample. Any questions about this data and how it ties to fleet analytics should be directed to a Utilimarc representative, or visit Utilimarc.com to request more information.

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