Fleet News

Utilimarc Launches Integrated Fleet Analytics

At Utilimarc, we base every decision on what our customers need and where the industry is going. The fleet management industry never slows down and neither do we. Years of research and months of development have led to a brand new suite of fleet management products developed to meet our customers’ growing demand for data-driven management. Our tried-and-true Fleet Benchmarking tool is still in place, with an expanded Analytics platform and a brand new Telematics system to provide accurate real-time vehicle tracking to fleets of all sizes. Our API supports third-party integrations, allowing fleet managers to connect data from multiple products, leading to more efficient operations.

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How Universities Build and Maintain Fleets

While most people do not think of vehicles when they think of the university campus, the reality is that the modern university has quite an extensive fleet of vehicles. Building and maintaining that fleet often requires the help of a full-time fleet management professional. Here are some factors that the university fleet manager must consider as they make the best possible use of the vehicles in their care.

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Leveraging Technology to Manage Complex Fleets

For companies that have complicated fleets and complex routes, technology is the best resource to use to keep tabs on those vehicles and ensure that they are being used as efficiently as possible. Whether a fleet is complex because it has a wide variety of vehicles or because of its size, technology can allow fleet professionals to manage their fleets well. Here are some best practices for implementing technology into the fleet effectively.

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