Fleet News

Press Release: Utilimarc Launches Fleet Analytics Platform

Minneapolis, Minnesota, February 13, 2014 – Utilimarc, a leading provider of fleet analytics and reporting software, announced the launch of its new Fleet Analytics Platform early this morning. This integrated platform provides a variety of tools that allow fleet managers to track and improve their fleet performance through benchmarking, KPI tracking and telematics solutions. The Fleet Analytics Platform also offers tools for rightsizing technician staffing levels and developing a vehicle replacement strategy.

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Spotlight: Mechanic Comparisons

Mechanics: Wage and Billable Hour Comparisons

This week’s spotlight highlights mechanics from the municipal and utility markets. The graphs below show the distribution of wages among these two groups of mechanics. 32% of utility companies pay mechanics between $33.57 and $36.59 an hour. 70% of municipalities pay mechanics less then $33.56 an hour. Continue reading

Spotlight: Police Patrol Vehicles

What Patrol Vehicles Will Replace the Crown Vic?

With the retirement of the Crown Victoria, police departments are looking for alternative models for their patrol vehicles. This spotlight highlights the results of a case study comparing the performance of the Chevy Tahoe and the Chevy Impala as police vehicles. Continue reading