Telematics that makes sense

A clear map that facilitates quick action. This telematics platform shows you exactly what you need to know. Telematics platforms have historically been confusing and hard to manage, though a valuable part of fleet management. Our telematics platform is built around what our customers actually want to see. It is easy to use and integrates with other fleet management platforms.


We spoke to our customers and built a telematics platform that does what fleets need. Each piece of the telematics platform, from the map to the dashboard, is built to reflect how utility fleets work in the real world.


Our platform helps customers actively monitor and improve driver safety, improve driver performance and help increase equipment lifespan on the road.

By integrating with the vast data streams utility fleets use on a daily basis, Utilimarc Telematics becomes a single destination for dispatch and monitoring.

With a few clicks, you can send the right report to the right person and see how your fleet’s performance measures up to your peers’.

Utilimarc Telematics integrates with multiple sources of data, enabling managers of mixed fleets to accurately monitor their vehicles.

All incoming data is centrally located within the telematics platform. Fleet managers can quickly assess the state of their vehicles and take corrective action when needed.