Create a smarter future with fleet analytics

Our data shows the future of your fleet – vehicle replacement dates, projected costs, and mechanic hours expectations. No more guessing on important questions. Day-to-day decisions can have unforeseen long term consequences. Analytics shows the financial implications of different work-related decisions, including when vehicles should ideally be replaced. Analytics helps fleets build a stable, financially sound future.


Life as a fleet manager moves too fast. Data comes in from too many avenues and it’s impossible to get the insights you need quickly enough. We help fleets accurately measure progress on objectives, boost capabilities, and become comfortable with data.


Utilimarc’s Analytics helps fleets make stronger, smarter decisions regarding vehicle replacement, fuel use and personnel costs. Our platform extrapolates the effects of day-to-day decisions to show fleet managers where work can be improved.

We show you when you should expect to replace vehicles and the impact that replacement is going to have on your finances. Using our Analytics software, fleet managers can identify unneeded expenses in maintenance, fuel, labor, and other crucial areas.